Program Fundraising

(Please note this information on this page is subject to change – check back for updates)

The football program currently runs fundraising through Eteam Sponsor. Our fundraisers augment and complete our program funding that includes athletic department budgeted money and generous donations from the Carlmont Boosters Club. If you would like to support our annual fundraisers, reach out to Head Coach Eric Rado, or donate here for additional information. We also run a Sponsorship program that gets our sponsors exposure for their business or organization with a customized banner on display for all home games. Football is one of the most expensive sports for high schools to operate given the number of athletes who participate and equipment for all. At Carlmont, we take player safety very seriously and invest most of our budgeted money towards the top of the line player equipment. In addition to the budgeted and donated money, our fundraising money goes toward:

  • Replacement (new) equipment, specifically helmets and shoulder pads
  • Ongoing maintenance of current equipment,¬†helmets and shoulder pads
  • Footballs for practice and games
  • Field practice equipment, such as sleds, shield pads, pop-up bags, full round bags, half round bags and more
  • Game day and practice day hydration distribution equipment
  • Practice gear including practice pants and practice jerseys for all
  • Game uniforms for both Varsity and JV which consist of home & away jerseys, game pants and game socks
  • Equipment bags for all players
  • On field head sets for game day communication
  • Pre-game snacks and meals for the players
  • And much more

The entire program, athletes and coaching staff thank you for your support of the Carlmont Football Program.